Most Effective Buttocks Exercises


Ready to learn the most effective buttocks exercises? Well, here are some of the best bum toning exercises around. They’ve been known to create brazilian butt lifts naturally for thousands of women. I will make a “short workout” you can do at home to get the best butt you want.

You won’t need any special equipment for this one, so get ready.

Warm up first with about 30-50 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Then let’s get right into it.


Wall sit: Hold for 45 seconds.


This exercise is a great static exercise that will build up lactic acid in your thighs and buttocks. Try it, and hold for about 45 seconds!

Side Lunge: 50 for each leg


This is an exercise similar to ice skating. If you lunge to each side, you will feel the burn on the back of your legs, guaranteed. If you want to add difficulty to this exercise, jump from side to side, it adds additional power and strength building to the exercise.

Glute Bridges: Hold For 45 Seconds


Glute bridges is of the best exercises, ever, period. This basic exercise will keep your whole core natural and straight. For added difficulty, stretch your legs out one at at time alternating between them. Squeeze your butt for better contractions.

Sumo Squat: 75 repetitions with weight of your choice


This part of the workout will really get your butt burning! At this point it should be really difficult for you to keep up 😉

Wall sit: Hold for 1 minute.


This time you should try to hold the wall sit for 1 minute, can you do it? I bet some will fall or cringe really bad at this point!

Donkey Kicks: 50 for each leg


Donkey kicks are amazing for building a toned buttocks. Some swear  by it and stand firm it’s the most effective buttocks exercise out there. I like the squat, because it targets other muscles as well, but this is certainly number two! Do 50 for each leg, but if you cannot do it, just do 25 on each side and then 25 on each side again.

Curtsy Lunges: 50 each side


Here you’ll be stepping over to the side with the front leg during the lunge. This will give you added focus on the butt and really target the glutes effectively.

Repeat This Circuit Until You Can’t Do It Anymore!

You want to do these exercises in this order for as many circuits as you possibly can. This will ensure your butt is “blasted” to the max. Don’t do this workout too often or you’ll get really, really sore. About 2 times per week is fine to focus on your butt only with these effective exercises.